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Want a Facebook page that works?  

Facebook pages run by vet clinics are often performing poorly - 50% have structural errors and most post the wrong content. The result is that you are ignored - like going to the dog park and not talking to anyone. A typical poor performer has around 140 Fans with very low engagement - each post reaching 21 Fans (15%). With staff spending 10-20 hours per month managing the page, this is bad for two reasons:

  1. It's a waste of your time and money
  2. It does not present you to the community as the leader in animal health care - and can damage your brand

However, the opportunity with Facebook is huge. 50% of your clients use Facebook every day. A well run page will engage clients, engender strong Word Of Mouth and lead to more sales.

“I am very happy with Pet Pack helping manage my Facebook page. We have grown 30% per month with their service which is fantastic! I would definitely recommend this service to others.”
Tracey Woods at Morley Vetcentre

You can achieve this. To learn how, read below.


How to grow your Facebook page  

To get more Fans and to keep those Fans interested is the key. An important ingredient is an enthusiastic clinic staff member - who can post and respond to the community.

Most clinics have someone like this. However, to ensure that staff member's energy is directed effectively - you need outside expert advice. That's why more clinics use the Pet Pack Facebook service than any other.


  • Increase the Reach of your posts - typically from 15% to 35% (without having to pay for FB advertising)
  • Increase your Fans - we'll set you on a target to 500. Many clinics using this service have gone from 0 Fans or 100 Fans to over 500 in just a few months. For examples see below.
  • Includes veterinary technical posts by our chief veterinary writer Dr Fi Turner. These help to ensure that you're seen as the leader in animal health care in your community.
  • Monthly reporting includes recommendations on how better to manage your page
  • No long term commitment - you can use the service month to month

Case Studies:

  1. From 0 to 600 in 6 months - www.facebook.com/portadelaidevet
  2. From 250 to 450 in 6 months - www.facebook.com/westgippslandveterinarycentre
  3. From 200 to 400 in 6 months - www.facebook.com/MurrayBridgeVetClinic


Facebook Services  

“Having recently attended a webinar hosted by Pet Pack, it became apparent that as a practice we were missing out on the vital marketing opportunities Facebook presents. Like all veterinary business owners and managers we are time poor and also determined that the hard earned dollars we invest in marketing are well invested. As such we were unwilling to solely delegate the task of managing Facebook to one of our younger and more technically savvy staff members and then simply let it "go". Although Facebook is managed and driven by an enthusiastic and highly competent nurse in our practice (and all staff have an opportunity to collect and suggest content), having brought Pet Pack on board to help us manage and build "our profile" and has ensured a professionally driven, highly valuable and measurable marketing tool. Pet Pack continue to be a valued partner in an area where most of us have some exposure or experience but not to the same level of expertise and overall market insight.”

- Lisa Scheepers , Port Adelaide Veterinary Clinic


Facebook eBook

  • Facebook expert working on your page - 1hr (for month of purchase)
  • How to set up a Facebook business page correctly
  • Guide to what, when and how to post content
  • Content schedule
  • Paid promotion information
  • Facebook display signs for your clinic

The eBook is $250 exGST. To purchase,


Facebook monthly advisory and content service

  • Facebook expert advice - 30 mins per month
  • Program to build Fans and engagement
  • Automated scheduled posts
  • Monthly review and feedback

The monthly service is $100/mth exGST. To purchase,


Facebook Promotion - Sweepstakes App  

Want to gain more Fans? Or collect contact details from your existing ones? One solution is to run a promotion or contest on Facebook. However, Facebook has rules about what you can and can’t do in a Timeline Promotion, and if you haven’t planned very carefully your contest can quickly run out of control and become difficult and confusing to administer.

With Pet Pack’s help, you can much more easily run a professional-looking contest, grow your Fan base and collect email addresses and other contact details from all entrants. You need to provide an interesting, attractive and relevant prize, and Pet Pack can help with the rest. To purchase one of the packages outlined below,


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