Small Animal Email Newsletter

Small Animal Email Newsletter

Email Newsletters are the back-bone of good client loyalty. The principle is “keep in touch with your clients and you’ll have a client for life. But leave them alone and they’ll forget who you are”.

By sending your clients and prospective clients the Email Newsletter, you will be front of mind for when they do need to visit you and they will visit you over other clinics that do not have a regular Email Newsletter.

The key benefits of an Email Newsletter are:

- Cost effective
- Build client loyalty
- Improve client spend at the clinic
- Well received by clients
- Drive traffic to your website

Pet Pack provides the content and the machinery needed to ensure your Newsletter goes out on time every month, is professionally presented and includes a component of your own news – what we call “local content”. The keys to a successful Newsletter are:

- Frequency – every month is the most effective frequency currently

- Professional Presentation – it must reflect the excellence of your professional services

- Content – the pet owner must be engaged by the content, wanting to know more, enough to pick up the phone and call the clinic

Every pet owner that uses the Newsletter and Reminder service spends on average $124 extra at the clinic.

For a vet using Pet Pack with 500 emails, the ROI for every $1 spent is $11.50.

For better client loyalty, email us or call on 03 9866 2212 to start our Newsletter service today!



We do have the capability to set up specialised monthly newsletters for other species. Please enquire by calling the office on 03 9866 2212 or emailing .

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