Be the King of your community

Hi guys,

Following up on the King of your community breakfast - to summarise - we talked about what it meant to be the leader in animal health care in our communities, what the current status is and how you can change -*.

Here are the key points and tips:

1. To find out what the consumer sees when they search for pet related issues in your area

Use the Chrome browser in incognito form (to avoid Google giving you search results that you've looked at before)

Search for:

- location - your suburb and surrounding suburbs

- dog training and related terms

To solve this:

Do a monthly blog on your site

Get an expert to run a Google AdWords campaign for you - this will generate traffic but more importantly, research on key search terms that you can then use to inspire your blog


2. Why don't they call? (we estimate 5% of visitors to standard vet clinic websites call)

Look at your site - are you weeing on yourself? (ie are you talking about yourself?)

To solve this - write content that addresses pet owners main concerns about looking after a pet. You know what these problems are but it will pay to ask 10 of your clients first. Consider getting an expert copywriter to write this copy.

To see an example of effective consumer oriented content go to:

- How do I know this home page has effective content? Because we measured it - it improved the conversion to phone calls by 54% (for a total of 22%)


3. How do you appear on Facebook?

Look at your page - is it "I love dogs" or is it "We're the local leader in animal health care"?

How many Fans and how long did it take you to get there? 120 Fans with low growth is not worth the 20 hrs/mth your staff member spends on the page.

To solve this:

- talk to an expert to ensure your page is set up correctly and can set you on a path for growth. Aim for 500 then 1000 Fans (1000 Fans is 50% of your active client base and the % of your clients that are on FB)

To see good examples go to:,


4. What's coming?

 Here's a cool collection of what's coming - particularly in remote diagnostics. Imagine if you could receive live data from your pets that allow you to proactively intervene and recommend:


Great to meet you all at the conference. Have a safe trip home.




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