A call for kindness and respect when visiting the vet

Sep 18, 2021 | Articles

Veterinarians love helping animals, however providing a high level of compassionate care can take its toll on veterinary staff – with the veterinary profession sadly having a high suicide rate that is up to four times higher than the general population. Pet owners are being encouraged to show kindness, patience and respect when visiting the vet to ensure that everyone feels valued – including pet owners, pets and veterinarians.

The high expectations that many people have for the care of their pet can unfortunately sometimes spill over into frustrations around the cost of veterinary services, waiting times for veterinary attention amidst the busyness of a veterinary hospital, and whether veterinarians are able to satisfy pet owners’ expectations around the treatment of a pet’s health condition. Supported by Hill’s Pet Nutrition, the AVA’s Vet Voice website has published an article about respecting veterinary staff, which may be of interest to share with pet owners. Read more