Eggs laid by battery hens would be phased out within 15 years under a plan to improve poultry welfare in Australia. The proposal signals some relief for the 10 million or so egg-laying hens still kept in battery cages in Australia, however – according to a report in The Conversation – the changes don’t go far enough in relation to considering the ethical aspect of what level of animal welfare society should provide.

“The proposed standards give egg producers ten to 15 years to transition away from battery cages. Animal welfare groups such as the RSPCA say this timeline is too slow and cages should be phased out sooner – and we agree. The use of battery cages in Australia is certainly out of step internationally. Most OECD nations have banned battery cages or are in the process of doing so,” states the article by Professor Christine Parker and PhD Candidate Lev Bromberg.  Read more