Don’t forget online marketing in your annual plan

Right now, many of you will be working on your annual plan, if you haven’t completed it already. 
Annual planning is essential for any business, and veterinary practices are not exempt from this. Your annual plan is a map charting all of the milestones you want to reach during the year, and when you want to reach them by. It’s the perfect opportunity to hone in on your current business objectives and identify areas that maybe aren’t working so well. 
One area you should not forget about when creating your annual plan is online marketing, which will play a large role in achieving your objectives – especially if they include gaining new clients, retaining existing clients and generating more bookings. 
But how do you know if your current online marketing is doing a good job or not? Is there room for improvement? Could you be doing more? 
Our Online Performance Assessment (OPA) is a great way to find out so you can confidently account for online marketing within your annual plan. 
The OPA not only shows where you stand currently but provides actionable recommendations for how to improve. The detailed assessment is completely impartial, so you can implement the recommendations yourself, with your preferred marketing partner, or with PetPack. 
As part of the OPA, we will assess your:  ​ 

  • Search performance
  • Website user experience
  • Website loading speed
  • Meta-data optimisation
  • Google My Business listing visibility
  • Google Maps visibility
  • Online client reviews
  • Social media performance

The OPA costs $375 and includes a 14+ page report and a follow-up Q&A session with one of our team members. Please email if you would like to purchase an assessment.