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Each month Dr James will be posting about ways to use online resources to increase your profitability.

Case studies are good for business

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Sharing case studies is useful because it gives an insight into how others operate, particularly in areas where you want to learn more. This month I'm going to share two stories of Pet Pack clients who've had significant growth and success.

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Recently a vet said to me:
"I'm not sure I want to invest in an upgraded website because I don’t know what my current site is doing. In fact, I’ve never invested in my website because I don’t know where to start and have no idea what to do." 

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Recently we discussed how frustrating it is that clients didn’t follow recommendations or come back for revisits - here’s what one vet said:

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Why Facebook is like a visit to the local dog park

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Facebook represents a huge opportunity for vet clinics - it’s like going down to the dog park and having a chat with fellow pet owners. This analogy is a good one as it clarifies what Facebook is, reduces the perceived threat and also highlights the weakness in vet practice community engagement - where often vets can do more.

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Want to help your clients look after their pets better?

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Local competition is making it harder for vets to help people look after their pets - people are going elsewhere for advice and products. Recent research shows that you can stem this flow with email - email is the most powerful selling tool available. This is pretty exciting stuff and this month we’re running a webinar to explain how this works.

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