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I've been talking over the last couple of weeks about the comparison between Pet Pack VetLab tested sites and the average vet clinic site. We are able to measure the difference today because one of the first things we implemented was a reliable call tracking service on the websites. This is the key to any measurement - here's why:

12 months ago we came to the conclusion that vets who pay Pet Pack for a website will want to know what that website is doing to grow their business. Prior to VetLab this information was not available - in fact, it is still not available for most vet clinic websites today.

Moving down the measurement path made sense. Vets are scientists and are used to measuring and testing. Vets are also business owners and want to make a profit. The only way to understand what is happening with marketing is to measure.

The first thing we had to do was decide what was the most important thing a website needs to do and then measure it.

Ask yourself: What is the most important thing you want your website to do? Make a list of all the things that come to mind and sort it - put the most important on top. 

The answer most vets give is "generate phone calls". When a prospective pet owner comes to the site you want them to call you. If they don't call, you're not able to make an appointment.

Our first task when we set up the VetLab testing environment (with the 4 test clinics - Alma St, Eltham Vet Practice, Waverley Animal Hospital and Gawler South) was to develop a call tracking system. For testing purposes we needed a dual system. The results had to be water tight and no one system by itself gives that. We use a click to reveal process and a 1800 number. You can see this operating today at www.almastreetvet.com.au

The 2 tracking systems have different qualities:

The click to reveal is used by successful sites such as www.realestate.com.au. It relies on a pet owner clicking on the number to reveal it - and then dialling. However, a click does not mean a call. We needed to understand the relationship between clicks and actual calls.

The 1800 number has many benefits. It will provide a list of all calls made to the clinic. The reports are detailed and you can see which phone numbers your calls have come from. However, over time, the results become skewed as pet owners store the number in their phones. It is only accurate in the first few months.

To get reliable data, we used both systems together and learned the relationship between click to reveal and actual calls.

If you are going to use a VetLab tested website, we will install "click to reveal" and use your real phone number. We understand the relationship between click to reveal and actual calls. There is no need to also run a 1800 number.

Note: some clinics use 1800 numbers for a different reason. You are able to record the audio of each call. This is invaluable for front desk team training. The average clinic converts an estimated 50% of phone calls to appointments. We know of cases where clinics are achieving 90% conversion to appointment - and they've done this by using recorded phone calls as part of a conscious sales training program.

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