7 things to do now that Google has changed again

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Google is the leading source of search on the planet. When they make a change it can have a massive impact - and this week they made a change that will probably have the biggest impact so far. In a nutshell, by releasing the "disavow link tool" they changed the rules on how links can be used to improve your search. They are trying to eliminate the process of putting artificial links onto a site to improve search results. To read more about the detail click here

Here's what you have to do now:

1. Focus on putting great content on your own website

2. Establish a schedule of content that means you are adding regularly to the site

3. Get a blog tool that allows you to easily add new content that is readily indexed by Google

4. Stop paying 3rd party directories online and start paying to have your own site optimised - I recommend you get help with this. Ask us, we do this work.

5. Get Google Analytics on your site and start looking at what's going on with your site. Who's visiting, from where and with what search terms. To read more go here

6. Link your email newsletter to your website always and measure the results

7. Learn how to measure how much business your site is generating. We are moving to a model of sites being able to measure every new call that comes from the site. That will give you confidence to invest online. Currently it's all guess work - and as a result, most sites are under invested.

Thanks to Ben Stickland and the team at Noble Samurai for their information on the Google update

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