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When pet owners search for you online, do you really look as good as you think? There's an old story about an Emperor... 

Most vets think they look great online. They search for themselves regularly and keep finding they're coming up near the top of the search list.

The Emperor thought he looked fine too. But when everyone else looked, it didn't look so good.

Most vets are invisible online to a significant percentage of pet owners.

The reasons why you might have a case of the "Emperor's clothes" are:

  1. You are not searching for terms that pet owners use
  2. Your browser is tracking your searches and serves up what it thinks you want to see

To get a clear view of your online visibility follow these steps:

  1. Use a browser that has a mode where it will not track your history. For example, use Chrome in Incognito mode or Firefox in Private mode. For instructions on how to activate Incognito, click here.
    By doing this you'll get search results that a pet owner who doesn't know the clinic will see.
  2. Search for surrounding suburbs using the word combo, "vet suburb"
    It's important to search for surrounding suburbs because location search is the biggest search done by pet owners looking for vets. Most clinics will do well for the suburb the clinic is located in but poorly for surrounding suburbs.
  3. Do a different search, this time for "dog training suburb"
    This is the second biggest group of search terms and almost every clinic does poorly here. This is important because for a new pet owner who is looking for training, the best place to seek advice is the vet clinic. However, it is dog trainers who dominate this search.

How did you go? If you're like most clinics, you found that for both surrounding suburbs and dog training, you can't be found (you need to be in the top 1-3 listings)

Here are 2 screenshots of a typical case to illustrate the point:

Screenshot A: there is a vet in St Kilda, the suburb next to Ripponlea, but their website doesn't come up for this search:

Screenshot B: there are plenty of vets in Cairns, but none of them come up on organic search for "dog training". One of them is doing something about it - can you see the ad for Balaclava vet?

To listen to our webinar on this topic, email us and we'll send it to you. 

In the meantime, have a great week, do some searching and if you'd like to send James your results or any questions, he will have a look and get back to you.

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