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Online marketing is rapidly becoming the main business driver for clinics - learn how to implement a program now that is easy to manage, measured and profitable.

This is the topic of the 3rd annual Pet Pack presentation at the AVBA conference, to be held at 9:30am Friday 14 September 2012 at Crown Promenade, Southbank, Victoria, Australia

Attendees will be given an overview of the online opportunities for vet practices by the co-founder of Australia's only veterinary online marketing company, Dr James Ramsden.

Each participant will have the chance to have their clinic online performance assessed by Pet Pack - with a written report. To register, email us and fill in the assessment form. You can email the completed assessment form to us prior to the presentation or bring it with you. We will have copies there on the day too.

Topics we'll cover in the presentation include:

- why is it that vets under invest in their websites?

- what value is a website and email marketing service to a clinic?

- what behaviours are consumers exhibiting when it comes to finding a vet and staying bonded to a vet?

- how to set up an online marketing system that is effective. Key areas include:


  • how much time will you spend on it
  • how much business will it generate
  • is it measurable
  • how will it improve
  • could you do it yourself better?
Come and join us at AVBA 2012 or come and visit us at the office - we'll put on a cuppa, you'll get to meet the great team and we can discuss your online marketing next moves. We can organise to pick you up and return you to the conference. To make a time to visit at the office, please call or email.


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Suite 4, Level 1, 66 Albert Rd
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