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A bounced email is one that you've sent to a pet owner but has returned, because the mail server that handles email for that pet owner has said that it cannot be delivered. The message you intended for that pet owner has not reached them and so a bounce is an ineffective email. We recommend that you fix these bounces.

After much development we now have a sophisticated bounce report that will allow you to manage your database well. After adding new emails, cleaning up bounces is the next most important thing you can do to maximise the effectiveness of your email campaign.

We recommend the following:
- call the pet owner when they have a bounced email
- ask for the correct or updated address
- you will learn several things from this interaction:
pet owner has indeed a different email address and is very happy to give it to you
pet owner has left your practice
there are outstanding healthcare treatments due for their pets and this phone call is the ideal time to suggest booking them in

What if I don't clean up my bounced emails?
The Pet Pack system will send bouncing emails 3 times. If they are unsuccessful 3 times, they are put in Quarantine which means that they will not be sent until a change is made to that address. This prevents you from sending to the same email address over and over, which can lead to an erosion of your sending reputation.

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