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Most vets and practice managers cite "getting new clients" as one of their top 3 biggest business issues. In order to focus on getting new clients with online marketing, you need a website that works.

Currently, most vets in Australia would say this about their website, "I've got a website but I'm not sure what it's doing for my business". Vets know their website generates new business but have no idea how much. As a result, most clinics are underinvesting in their sites. That makes sense - if you don't know what it's doing for your business, why spend money on it?

Compare that sentiment with this, "I'm rapt with my site. Last month it generated 44 new clients". If you knew your site generated 44 new clients, you'd be happy to invest in it to increase those numbers.

3 things to make your website work:

1. Set up a mechanism to reliably, 100% guaranteed, measure all the business that the site generates

2. Focus on unique content. Avoid content that is copied on other sites - you will be penalised by Google

3. Test and measure changes to your site to see what will make measureable improvements to the site performance

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