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A Pet Pack VetLab tested website will generate 4 times the phone calls of a normal vet clinic website. See this table for an explanation:

VetLab Website Comparison Table



The big difference in a VetLab site is in the volume of traffic it attracts and the conversion of that traffic to phone calls.

These results are produced by the testing that is done in VetLab. VetLab is a scientific process to measure marketing initiatives. We work with 4 clinics around Australia to achieve these results. Tests are done on the websites and measured. Successful tests are then made available to other Pet Pack clients to improve their websites.

The clinic variable factor:

Once the phone call is made to the clinic, the proficiency of clinic staff to book the appointment and carry out the consultation will influence the results further. Pet Pack does not get involved in this area but our clients have done the work. While we quote an appointment booking rate of 50% (for a relatively low performing clinic) and an average annual spend of $500 per client, there are plenty of good clinics that convert closer to 90% of phone calls and have annual client spends of close to $1000. These figures make the impact of a VetLab site even greater.

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