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Google Analytics (GA) is the world's leading tool for measuring website traffic - it's like a stethscope for websites - allowing you to "listen" to what's going on with your site and with the appropriate expertise, assess the site performance. Without this tool, you are flying blind.

We use GA to measure the impact of websites on vet clinic business. We measure how many people visit the site and how many of those people then call the clinic.

In order to get that information, GA needs to be set up correctly. Simply installing the GA code on your site will give you the traffic inflows (how many people are visiting your site and from what sources). Other data is harder to get. For example, measuring the phone calls made from a website requires special code inserted into GA as well as a phone tracking system.

However, the principle is simple - if you know the number of people visiting your site over a set time period, and you have a way in GA to record how many people call you, you can establish 2 things:

1. The absolute number of phone calls you're receiving

2. What % of those that visit the site actually call the clinic

The latter is called "Conversion" and is fundamental to good website performance. Unimproved vet clinic websites convert <5% of their web traffic into phone calls - Pet Pack sites with VetLab improvements convert 19%. The difference is significant and represents >$5000 per month in new business.

To learn more about Google Analytics (GA), join us for a webinar on the topic - Thu, Jul 18, 2013 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM AEST Click here to register

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