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Have you wondered about the value of having a Facebook page? If you're like me, you probably have. Facebook is attractive because it can talk to existing clients and potentially lots of new clients. But knowing what impact it has on your business is hard.

If you've got one or more staff members working on Facebook through out the month, you'll be wondering whether their time was better spent doing other activities. Staff members can spend up to 20 hours a month running your Facebook page - do you get a return from that?

The answer lies in understanding what Facebook is good at doing. It is not good at driving new business to a vet clinic - it is very hard to produce direct evidence of Facebook activity that results in new clients. If you want lots of new clients, get a website that works.

Facebook is different. A good way to look at it is to think of the local park. People gather there in the mornings before work or later in the evenings - with their dogs. The conversations that go on are varied but often circle back to the dog and the vet.

Being involved in these conversations is powerful for the vet - but you can't always be there to contribute. If you could be, it would do wonders for your business. I know of one clinic whose staff have been going to the local park for years - and they claim it generates a large part of their new business.

With Facebook you can do this without leaving the clinic. It's different - it's less personal than being in the park - but the flipside is that you can talk to many more people.

It's about engaging with your local community. It's about being the leader in animal health. In marketing terms this is called "brand building".

Next week we'll look at how clinics are dealing with Facebook - who's successful and why.

Have a great week - and if you get the chance, take your dog for a walk in the park and say hi to a few people.

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