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Have you come to the conclusion that your website's job is to generate phone calls? If you think it has another job, I'd be interested to know what that is - and to know how you'll measure it. For most vet clinics, there is no other more direct way to generate business from a website than by a phone call. Other outcomes may apply to other businesses - Amazon for instance wants a sale online. But not vets - phone calls are what's needed.

The next question is: how do you measure phone calls? For you to understand the effectiveness of your website, you need a measurement tool that you can rely on. 

How about a front desk survey? About 1 in 10 clinics use a front desk survey to ask new clients how they found the clinic. From that they deduce how effective their website is at generating phone calls. However, these surveys are unreliable and do not give accurate results.

There are too many ways for a consumer to find you online for it all to be lumped under "I found your website" or "I found you online" - consider Google Places and other online directories as a start.

Here's how to do it:

1. Put in place a "Click to Reveal" tool - this is used extensively by some of Australia's leading online services - for instance The tool works by obscuring part of the phone number, then the user has to click on the icon to reveal the full number. This records an action in the analytics program.

However, it doesn't tell you that the person has called. You can click all you like and not make a call. So relying on these numbers alone is not enough.

2. Add a trackable 1800 number. This phone number lists every phone number that dials it. If it appears only on your website, it's a good indication of which calls are coming off your website. However, over time, pet owners will store this number in their phones, falsely inflating the phone call numbers attributed to the website.

3. The accurate answer comes from using both these tools concurrently and understanding the relationship between clicks and calls.

To see an example of this tracking system operating go to: or

If you're looking for the next step with your website, start with phone call tracking.

Have a great week.


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