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Once you have your phone call tracking system in place, the next thing you'll want to do is increase the volume of phone calls. There are two ways to do this: increase site traffic, and get a bigger percentage of those that visit your site to call (this is called "conversion"). Let's look at the latter - it's easier.

There are a ton of ways to increase conversion - but the best is to ensure the message on the front of your website speaks to your target market. Most vet clinics do not do this - which makes it a massive opportunity. You could be missing about 20 new client calls - worth a massive $100,000 in lifetime value - every month.

The steps to increasing your conversion are:

  1. Measure current conversion (phone calls divided by unique visitors per month). Most vets are sitting at 2.5 - 5%
  2. Re-write your front page content. To do this take pet owner research - "what are pet owners looking for" and give it to a copywriter
  3. Install new copy and measure conversion over 1-3 months

What content works:

Most clinics have content on their websites that does not encourage people to call. The content is usually written by the clinic and focuses on the clinic. There's a saying that says if you mention the word "we" in your copy, you are "weeing on yourself". Weeing on yourself is bad - you might like it but it turns others off. To check out whether you're doing this on your own website, have a look at the home page. If there is any text about what you do, how good you are, why you're a vet or how much you love animals - consider removing it and putting it somewhere else - an "about us" section is ideal.

To be effective with your content requires you to understand your market and then get good content written. You inherently understand your market but it would pay to do some more objective research - ask your clients what their problems are, how their lives with pets operate, and what is most important to them. Once you have this, give the data to a copywriter. Good copywriters are expensive - but if you know someone who's switched on, and knows a bit about copywriting, you may be able to get a good result for $500 - $1000.

Adding this copy can make all the difference. I talked about adding an extra $100,000 in lifetime value every month - here's a clinic that does that:

If you'd like a website that does this, email us at info@petpack.com.au


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