Linking local content articles to your website makes double sense

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We strongly recommend you link local content articles to your website - here's why:

1. Existing clients (people that get your newsletter) don't normally go to your website. However, if you give them a good reason, they will. Once there, they learn things about your practice that they didn't know and this can lead to an increase in sales.

2. Google loves it - Google sees the traffic coming into your website and it helps with your search results - so more prospective clients can find you.

Here's how to add the link:
- when adding your local content, keep the article short (100-200) words and insert a link in the text "to read more click here"
- insert the link url as the page on your website where there will be more information
- on that page on your website, put the rest of the article

Examples that work well:
1. Staff profile - focus on one staff member in the newsletter. Link to your staff page on the website - clients love this
2. Puppy of the week - focus on one puppy in the newsletter - link to your gallery or puppy pre-school page - to learn more
3. Case of the month - as above, focus on one. Link to the site for more detail on the case and this is where you might archive your old cases

The blog tool is particularly good for this. It's easy to add to and organises your old posts well. Much easier than trying to format the page yourself - especially when you get to have a large library of old content. If you'd like to add the blog tool, contact us

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