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Great webinar everyone, thanks for your excellent input and feedback. Here are the main points:

Title: What is Yellow Pages really costing you?


Yellow Pages online is not an efficient way to generate traffic to your website or phone calls for your clinic.


Yellow Pages online, like many 3rd party directories, are trying to compete and add value in the environment that is controlled by Google. They are no longer the No. 1 directory - a position they held in the past when the Yellow Pages book was popular.

Yellow pages online uses the following inside Google:

1. Google AdWords - here they compete with other operators. Their campaigns are inefficient - this is measured by a high cost per phone call generated ($40-50/call)

2. Organic search - Google is making it increasingly hard for directories like Yellow Pages to succeed here. Google would prefer to list the clinic website - and so we recommend clinics put resources into their own websites. 

How to measure?

The most important measure is how many phone calls you get and what does that cost you. The formula is Total cost/number of phone calls. For example:

1. Yellow Pages (where the phone call is tracked) costs $40-$50/phone call (information provided by vet clinics that have used YP online). See attached screenshots.

2. Reach Local - $30-$40/phone call

3. Pet Pack VetLab websites $5/phone call. Here are 2 examples:

Pet Pack VetLab websites are tested and measured. There are 4 clinics that carry out the tests. Where tests are successful, these features are then made available to other Pet Pack clients. Over the 10 months that the VetLab testing has taken place, the websites have gone from generating 65 calls/mth to 117 and are now nudging 150 calls/mth. The cost per call is sitting at or below $5/call. For more information contact James on or go to 

To measure your own site:

- Find monthly traffic with Google Analytics

- Insert unique phone number or 1800 number on your website - and measure the calls

Why measure:

It's the only way you can objectively assess your online marketing. It changes the conversation from "I like the colour of that site" to "I like to know how much business my site is generating"


Start to measure the cost per call of your online marketing.

Yellow Pages and other 3rd party directories have low value and are not worth investing in.

Put the effort into your own website - it's your asset and Google favours it. 

See you next time!

James Ramsden


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