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In measuring the impact of email newsletters and reminders, open rates are a key stat. The open rate is the % of emails that are "opened" = viewed by pet owners (more below*). The more pet owners that open the emails, the more likely they are to look after their pets better and spend more at the clinic.

Recent studies show that the open rates on Pet Pack email newsletters and reminders are very high - in fact at least twice that of the nearest similar industry. In the case of reminders, the open rates have climbed as high as 6 times that of the nearest industry. Details:

- Open rates in the medical/dental category are 14%
- Open rates in Pet Pack emails are 30% (August open rates are >40% - see below)

Why are our open rates so high?

- quality of content - the combination of quality health care information and images provided by Pet Pack and the addition of 1 local content article from the clinic works best - pet owners are engaged and want to open the emails and read them
- email reminders provide vital health care info for pet owners. In a significant % of cases, pet owners open the same reminder 3 or 4 times eg once at work, a couple of times when they get home to make sure they are giving the correct product
- world's best email delivery system - we have recently upgraded to a global sending service to maximise the number of emails that are sent and invest in our "sending reputation" which directly impacts on how many emails actually get through

In addition to this, our open rates are increasing. This is due to continued investment in our email service. Currently we are improving the sending system. Early indications are that open rates have improved 10% which is significant to more than 40% for Newsletters and up to 70% for reminders.

This is all good news for Pet Pack vets - better open rates mean better business.

*the open rate is measured by tracking when images in the email newsletter are downloaded. This occurs when you view the email in your email client (Mac Mail, Outlook or Gmail etc..)

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