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Recently we discussed how frustrating it is that clients didn’t follow recommendations or come back for revisits - here’s what one vet said:

"Yes I agree it is frustrating but I always think my clients just don’t want to spend money and don’t really care!"

This is interesting - there are some clients who fit into this category, but as we know, they are a small percentage. Despite that, it’s easy for vets to be dissuaded by poor responses and lump everyone into this group.

Being dissuaded means you lose enthusiasm which leads to you not making the recommendation in the first place,

“They’ll probably say no so I won’t bother mentioning it.”

Have you ever wondered about the role you and your team play in the fact that 80% of dogs and cats over 3 years have dental disease?

The truth behind clients not following recommendations is very different to not caring or not having the money - most clients want to do the right thing by their animals, are prepared to pay and are looking for guidance as to how to do it.

So why is it that even good clients have poor rates of compliance? One of the reasons is timing. Just because you make a recommendation that a dog’s teeth need attention, there are a ton of reasons why the client might not be ready to book in for the appointment right now. This includes:

  • they want to think about it
  • they want to talk to their partner and family about it
  • it’s not urgent so they'll put it off till next month
  • not understanding what the vet is talking about
  • etc.

What happens next is the problem - the client walks out the door and doesn’t hear from the clinic again. They might get a vaccination reminder over the next twelve months but to all intents and purposes, the clinic goes quiet and the client doesn’t think about the vet again.

It’s no wonder it can take 18 months for a client to decide to get a procedure done.

The answer lies in keeping in touch with the client regularly enough so that when they are ready they will think to call you - i.e. “They put their hand up”.

If you think they’ll put their hand up without you keeping in regular contact, you’re dreaming. Rather than call you, this is what is more likely to happen:

  • they’ll go to Greencross - because Greencross is marketing actively in your area
  • they’ll talk to another “expert” in the area - someone who’s a lot more accessible than you - such as the local pet store or other dog owners at the local park - and be encouraged down another path
  • they’ll do nothing

Remember: this is a client who has made the effort to come to you in the first place, has been looking for advice and recommendation, AND has received it from you -  but at that time they weren’t ready to act.

They want you to look after their pets. You just have to make it easier for them.

The Email Newsletter is the key to helping clients put up their hand and choose to come back to you. It’s an easy-to-use system for putting high grade messages in front of your clients on a regular basis. When they’re ready, they’ll call you - they can even do it directly off the newsletter as they read it on their phone.

How do we know it works? We measure the increase in spend - each pet owner receiving the newsletter spends $60 pa more at the clinic compared to when they’re not receiving it.

Here are some real examples of where it’s working:

To learn more about the Pet Pack Email Newsletter service click here, email us or call on +61 3 9866 2212

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