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A recent survey by Exact Target has revealed that email is the most powerful way to communicate with your clients. There's a lot of interest in the vet world about social media - and so it's important to re-focus on where the profit drivers are occurring. It's in email, not social media.

Why is email more effective as a communication tool than social media?
- Email is accepted by pet owners (consumers) as a way to receive recommendations from the vet about what services to buy
- Email is kept open all day by most pet owners
- Email is an accepted medium with which to sell products and services

While a social media channel such as Facebook is popular for personal communication, pet owners don't want to receive direct marketing messages from the clinic this way.

For direct marketing messages (eg a dental promotion from the clinic) 78% of respondents preferred email, and only 4% preferred Facebook.

Email also is the clear winner when it comes to actually influencing a purchase (ie pet owner books a dental). Email is at 66% with Facebook at 20% and Text at 16% (interestingly low).

What's the take-home message:
- start a regular monthly Email Newsletter service today


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