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The current state is that vets think they should have a website: they think they should because others do, they’ve heard it’s a good thing and clinics report getting some clients from their sites. This situation means sites are open to comments and opinion about their performance not based on any objective measurement.


The vet’s friend will say, “You should do “x” with your site, put this picture here, the phone number there”. There is no foundation for these comments and this leaves the vet feeling tossed and pulled in different directions. What is worth investing in?


The move is to measureable sites. That means, a site where we know the number of people that visit, the number that convert (likely a phone call) and the number that then book appointments at the clinic.


Once this is achieved, the clinic can invest with certainty in their site. They will know what the return is for every $1 that is spent on the site or online marketing.


This is not a pipe dream but will be achieved through a thorough test and measure process that Pet Pack is about to undertake. For more information, contact us on or 03 9866 2212


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