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I get a lot of questions from vets about whether they should spend money with this or that online directory - often in relation to directories they have used in the past as hard copy books. Directories have been significant in vet business in the past. Most consumers used to use the hard copy directory books. However, today there is only one directory of significance - if you can guess which one, you get a Chupa Chup.

Google's aim is to be the number one directory in the world. And they are achieving this. Google Analytics show you that Google is responsible for 90+ % of all traffic that comes to your site, and other directories account for less than 1%

So which is worth investing in? Google that generates most of your new client traffic or another directory?

There are only 2 things that matter: invest in Google and invest in your site. The second part of this equation is that Google wants to direct traffic to the best website for a vet clinic, not to another directory. If, when you search for your clinic, you find other directories coming up, it's because Google can't find anything better to put there.

Invest in your website to make Google find it more often and for more reasons. That is the way to effective online marketing. That is the way to get more clients from the online space.

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Suite 4, Level 1, 66 Albert Rd
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