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In recent weeks I've had several people ask me whether it's worth pursuing the different online marketing services they've been using. They were concerned, in the light of what we've been talking about recently, that they may be paying too much for too little results.

The services they asked me about were from Yellow Pages, Reach Local and some other providers.

Here is the process I took them through in order to assess the service:

Does the service track phone calls?

Services that track calls include Yellow Pages call tracker, Reach Local

If yes, the assessment is simple: Find the cost per call by dividing the cost of the service by the number of calls. In all cases, the cost per call ranged from $30-$50 per call.

However, we do not recommend using these online services (where they do not direct traffic directly to your website). Apart from being expensive, they do nothing to promote the value of your own website. It's your own website that is valuable; it is the asset that Google wants to put in front of consumers.

If the service does not track phone calls, where is it directing traffic to?

Once you work out where it is directing traffic, are the phone calls tracked from there? E.g. an SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) service will generally direct traffic to your website. Yellow Pages will sometimes direct traffic to the Yellow Pages online directory.

In this scenario, there is generally no phone call tracking. As a result, you cannot assess the value of the service and if you can't measure, don't do it.

So it boils down to three numbers that are important when assessing how well your website is performing:

  1. Traffic to your site
  2. Number of phone calls generated
  3. Cost

Everything else is irrelevant.

This is fantastic because, for the first time, you can:

- relax - you know what to look for

- be knowledgeable - no longer be bamboozled by online spruikers

- have a useful tool - with these numbers, your website can become a powerful business generator for your clinic.

For vets using VetLab tested websites, they get a monthly report with this data - see the table below. They rarely want or need more info, but if they do, all VetLab sites have Google Analytics. If you'd like a monthly report like this, contact us on


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