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A clinic Facebook page is an excellent way to connect with existing clients, attract new clients and inform your market audience of the latest news or special offers. However if used incorrectly, Facebook will have little effect on your business, or in the worse case scenario could even damage the reputation of your brand. But fear not! We have put together a list of what NOT to do, our top 10 ways to fail at Facebook:

10) Never posting: There is no use posting lots of pictures and messages the first week, and then nothing the week afterwards. The key here is consistency – a couple of posts a day will help pet owners to maintain a relationship with your brand

9) Posting too much: People will very quickly get annoyed and ‘unlike’ your page if they are constantly being spammed with your notifications and updates

Facebook dislike

8) Forget the clinic’s brand: Don’t post irrelevant content – keep your topics in the range of pets, pet care and your clinic to develop a strong sense of community with your subscribers

7) Forget the clinic’s objectives: You should always remember that the end goal is to engage with your clients and develop that relationship so that they will want to spend their hard earned cash at YOUR clinic. Keep this in mind when thinking about what, when and how often you are posting.

6) Posting similar stories: Just as people don’t want to read depressing posts all the time, they also don’t want to be fed a constant stream of uplifting stories. It becomes boring and bland and you will lose their ‘like’. Mix up your topics!

5) Use the page to sell, sell, sell: Nothing will get people reaching for the ‘unlike’ button faster than a bombardment of requests to ‘buy this product’ or ‘check out this service’. Save these kinds of posts for when you have a special offer to promote – so your subscribers benefit from receiving your notifications.

4) Post negative stories about clients: So just as you wouldn’t slate a previous employer at a job interview - posting a negative story about a client, even if you keep them anonymous just doesn’t look good.

3) Talk politics: Refrain from posting extreme political views. Even if it is a topic you feel strongly about try to stay neutral - you may offend existing or potential clients with your opinions.

2) Share inane thoughts: Always remember that this is a business Facebook page, not your own personal one. Clients do not need to read about what you had for lunch, unless you accidentally ate some dog food... 

1) Post comments that make clients question how much you love your patients: Your Facebook page should be negativity-free! What you may think is a harmless comment about Bassets being better than Bulldogs could be losing you business from offended Bulldog owners. 


This blog post took inspiration from this video by Dr Andrew Roark and Dr David Nicol

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