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Ok so your clinic has a Facebook page with a decent following, and you are spending a fair amount of time generating posts for the page, however you can't seem to get the pet owners to talk to your posts and engage with them. Here are some reasons why this could be the case and how you can turn those poor performing posts into active and highly engaging posts, keeping your clinic the pet owners only choice when it comes to the care of their pet.

1. Because you are not interesting: You need to remember the reasons why people actually use Facebook and get on their level. Be creative, interesting and funny. And be sure to post different types of content that are all meaningful.

2. Because you never ask them to: You actually might be able to get more engagement by telling your fans what you would like them to do i.e. Like this if you agree, or Share if you find this useful. This is a simple call-to-action process, however don’t apply this call-to-action on every post as people will want to share without having to be asked. 

3. Because you are all about YOU: Fans are not going to be motivated to engage with you if all you share are your latest blog posts. You must share a variety of content i.e. info not just on cats and dogs, but also pocket pets. Also share content from other sources to provide different voices, which may appeal to and in turn engage with an older or younger audience.

4. Because you are not giving them what they want: Discounts and promotions are one of the main reasons consumers follow brands on Facebook. As are access to free samples and coupons. Be sure to be able to offer your Fans a reward every now and then so that they want to and have reason to stay updated with your page. They may also be inclined to share your page with their friends.

5. Because you are not involved in the conversation: When people are responding to your posts you need to be sure to engage and nurture them by answering queries and replying to comments in a timely fashion. It shows the fans that you care about them and it will give new fans the confidence to engage with you too. 

6. Because you are being inconsistent with your posts: It can take a while to build rapport with your fans and get them involved with your posts, so don’t give up! Sporadic updates don’t give fans much to relate to on your page so keep going with a content schedule that covers a variety of topics and posts options i.e. pictures, links, status.

If you have any queries about the above points or would like some help with your clinic Facebook page the please contact Grace, Or phone the office 03 9866 2212.

Happy Facebook-ing!

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