Toxoplasmosis in the news - dealing with media spin

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The Toxoplasmosis story that Network 7 aired on Sunday 14 October left many clinics dealing with distressed pet owners. The gist of the show was that cats are a major cause of the disease and are danger to people (see below for a link to the program).

The problem with this is that it is not the vet's view and is not considered to be accurate by veterinarians. Vets reported wanting to communicate quickly with their clients to give their perspective, the balanced view. This is the right thing to do but how to do it?

The most effective method is to send a quick email notice to your clients. To do this you need:

- your clients' email addresses. They need to be actively used and the list cleared of as many bounces as possible. Using an old list is not effective.

- an up to date system for sending email notices. Using a mail client like Outlook is not a good idea - it has limited capacity and will not protect against viruses. We recommend you use a web based system that has full spam prevention and reporting enabled.

- the best content available. You are the expert but you're not an expert writer. Best case scenario you hire a professional writer who has veterinary and media experience.

- send the newsletter promptly - ideally it would go out to your clients on the morning after the show (Monday morning).

Using Pet Pack fulfills all the above - we have just enabled the ability to send messages within hours.

If you need communication help, ask us - ph: 03 9866 2212 email:

To watch the program click here

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