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Local competition is making it harder for vets to help people look after their pets - people are going elsewhere for advice and products. Recent research shows that you can stem this flow with email - email is the most powerful selling tool available. This is pretty exciting stuff and this month we’re running a webinar to explain how this works.

You might find the power of email surprising considering the hype around social media and that fact that email has been around for some time. Here’s why it’s so effective:

Email is Crushing Twitter, Facebook for Selling Stuff Online - in this article from Wired Magazine, one of the world’s leading tech magazines, they talk about the relationship between shop and consumer - or in our case, between vet and and pet owner. Pet owners read your emails and then act by looking after their pets better and spending more at the practice.

That means you can make strong recommendations and you’ll get a response. It may take several times for the pet owner to see the material before they act, but they will act. Pet owners receiving the Pet Pack Email Newsletter service spend on average $60 more per year compared with when they’re not receiving that regular content. To learn more about this, join our webinar.

More benefits:

  1. High readership: >85% of Australians use email and more people keep email open all day than any other tool)
  2. Low cost entry: email is cheap to run
  3. Permission: the pet owner has given you permission to send email - that means they’re much more likely to listen to what you say.

In summary - high frequency communications using email result in pet owners learning more, looking after their animals better and in turn, spending more at the practice - which means they spend less elsewhere as well.

Join us for our exciting webinar on this topic - click here to learn more and register

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