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There's a new Yellow Pages ad out - it talks about how great Yellow Pages is for local business - and the subject is a vet clinic in Melbourne (see below for the link). It's worth noting that the ad does not mention any performance stats. In this blog, Mark Brown (our AdWords expert) and I discuss performance - and how to assess your online ads - whether they be from Yellow Pages, Reach Local or Pet Pack. 

To generate traffic, Yellow Pages, Reach Local and Pet Pack all use Google AdWords. This is a legitimate tool that allows you to pay for traffic on Google. But the way each of these organisations use AdWords is very different - so how do you measure the performance and compare?

 The key metric is "Cost per Phone Call". ie "How much does it cost me to generate one phone call from this advertising?" Phone calls are what clinics want most from a prospective client.

To calculate Cost per Phone Call:

  • Find out how much the service costs for a month
  • Find out how many phone calls it generates
  • Divide the total cost by the number of phone calls

The results:
Surveyed vets are paying $30-$50 per phone call for Yellow Pages and Reach Local.
(Compare that to Pet Pack costs of around $5 per call).

Why the difference in price?
Third party directory services like Yellow Pages and Reach Local are not running efficient campaigns. Due to poor geographic location of ads, not understanding the industry, and high overheads, their costs are high.

This is due to a few things:

The campaigns are targeting very large geographic areas - People on the other side of the city are seeing and clicking your ads, with little to no chance of actually being a customer, costing you money.

Not understanding the industry - People looking for specialised services that you provide won't be seeing your ads.

Ads run 24 / 7 - Your ads are set to run all hours, meaning people are finding and calling you when you're closed and you're paying for it. Also, instead of using the whole budget while you're open, your account will be set to spend your budget evenly over that 24 hour period - its working just as hard to spend your money at 3am on Sunday morning as it is on 10am Tuesday.

For more information on Pet Pack's phone call generating websites, contact us direct on info@petpack.com.au

Click here to watch the Yellow Pages ad

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