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As you may have read or heard over the weekend, Facebook has launched the ability for people to ‘Hashtag’. For those who haven’t heard of this action before, a Hashtag is a word or phrase that is prefixed with the # symbol. Many social media streams have been using this action to label particular groups and topics for quite a while now. The most common places to find them are on Twitter and Instagram. 

The Hashtag provides a means of grouping comments, pictures and/or messages together, because people can search for specific Hashtags.

For example, on Instagram (the popular photo sharing app), people who Hashtag #catsofinstagram with their uploaded picture of their cat then find that their picture appears as part of a large group of images of other peoples cats who used the same Hashtag. The people who actually run the Cats of Instagram even have the Hashtag linked to a website because it has become so popular http://catsofinstagram.com/

Hashtags are also used informally by some people to express context around a given message, with no intent to actually categorize the message for later searching, sharing, or other reasons. This can help express humour, excitement, sadness or other contextual cues, for example, "Just found out my dog cuddling his teddy #cute" or "It's Monday!! #excited #sarcasm"

Your clinic has significant opportunities here to engage their fans on Facebook but as my favourite social media blogger Jon Loomer says, ‘there is also an opportunity to screw it up.’

Here are some directions for those who are new to the #FacebookHashtag

1. PLEASE don’t use too many Hashtags
: There is nothing more confusing to a new user than seeing loads of random Hashtags used to create a messy sentence i.e. #Who #Likes #Puppyschool ? It can aslo be very annoying if every post includes a Hashtag. Stick to just one or two Hashtags that are specific and useful to your post i.e.






2. You can use Hashtags in your posts to add value and reach to the post

For example, if your clinic posts about a Pet Photo Competition, create a Hashtag to go with the competition so that fans of the clinic and their friends can find the entries easily i.e. This month we want to see your pet up to mischief, so please post a picture to our Facebook wall of your pet up to mischief with the Hashtag #PetPacknaughtypets and whichever pet receives the most Likes will be the winner

3. For hashtags to ‘trend’ or become popular they must be easy to read and short and sweet with correct spelling (no slang), so that people can find the particular hashtag and easily use it themselves.

Note: if you want to create a conversation particular to your clinic then make the hashtag unique i.e. #Clinicname. If you want to include your clinic in a popular/trending conversation or group then use one that is relevant i.e. #puppy


Other little things you should know about Hashtags: You shouldn’t use spaces or special characters such as exclamation marks or fullstops. Also, letters in Hashtags are not case sensitive. And once again, PLEASE don't overuse them as your Fans will quickly lose interest in your Facebook page. Oh and Grumpy cat hates Hashtags, but don't worry because Grumpy cat hates everything!




If you have any questions about Facebook for your clinic and/or Hashtags please email me Grace@petpack.com.au

Have a great week!

Grace Buckley


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