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Matt Petersen from Finley Veterinary Clinic recently said he recommended Pet Pack to his colleagues. This is terrific to hear and we asked him to describe what it was that made Pet Pack worth recommending. This is what he said:

The monthly newsletter helps us generate extra business.

We recently ran an article on vaccines to help prevent calf scours. When on farm, the producers would ask us about the vaccine they read about in the newsletter. When farmers bring up the subject, it's easy to walk them through the process which ultimately ends up in a sale of vaccine, along with further diagnostic and consultative work.

As vaccines are one of our biggest selling products, increasing their sales makes a big difference to revenue. If you want to increase the business your existing clients do with you, a monthly newsletter is the way to go.

We find Pet Pack newsletters are easy to read, professionally presented and ultimately clients love them.

Earlier this year we surveyed our clients and 90% said they wanted email newsletter, thus it was logical to abandon our current quarterly mail out and go with a monthly email newsletter.

I recommend Pet Pack to anyone who's interested in helping their clients do more.

To find out more, you can contact Matt directly. He has very kindly offered to talk to people that are considering using the service. You can contact him on matthew@sr-vets.com.au or call the clinic 03 5883 3833

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Suite 4, Level 1, 66 Albert Rd
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