Why it's smart to leave newsletters to the experts

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When considering producing an email newsletters, some vets say, "I can do it myself". The impact of this decision is worth considering:

1. To produce a good newsletter will take you minimum 5 hours. This includes research, writing, image sourcing, setting up in your newsletter system, editing and QA (Quality Control). One person can do most of the tasks but editing and QA must be done by another to be effective.

What is your time worth? Assume you charge out at $200/hr, the time to produce the newsletter will cost you $1000

2. You're busy and you won't produce your newsletter on time every time. In fact, most vets that try this can't keep up the frequency. Less frequency leads to less impact. You soon lose your enthusiasm and stop. This is crazy. If the clinic down the road has their wits about them, they'll pinch your clients.

3. You're not a copywriter. Copywriters are experts at producing content and they're paid accordingly - $3-5,000 per article. You're a vet and are the best person to be dealing with pet health issues. Your atttempt at writing will at least have no effect, at worst be deterimental to your business.





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