Why you can't force someone to buy from you, but talking more increases sales

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This week I presented at the AVBA conference in Melbourne the concept that increased communication increases sales.

I read a great book called "Wombat Selling" by Michael Hewitt-Gleeson. In it he describes the role of the different selling techniques and their impact on consumers. The bottom line is that no matter what sales technique you use, you cannot force anyone to buy from you.

What you can do is increase the level of communication with the customer or prospective customer.

In a case of bank sales staff, they were being remunerated on the number of sales they converted. Based on Wombat Selling ideas, the reward was shifted to the number of contacts the sales staff had with customers. In a practical sense their phone calls went from 30 a day to 100 a day. The result was more sales.

If you're adding value to your clients, you will get increased sales by increasing the level of communication with them.

How do you do that?
1. Get an effective, value adding email system like Pet Pack's email newsletter and reminder service

2. Get as many clients on the system as possible

3. Communicate with them at least every month (if using newsletters and reminders you'll be contacting them twice a month)

4. Add value:
- ensure content is engaging and informative

- personalise the message so it's relevant to the client

To get your copy of Wombat Selling go to: http://www.schoolofthinking.org/2012/newsell-and-wombat-selling/

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