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What do Siri and a senior McDonald's executive have in common?

They both strongly believe the future of marketing is in social media. In this last week I've spoken to the McDonald's exec and heard Karen Jacobsen (the voice of Siri) speaking.

This is relevant because we've been asking, is Facebook worth it?

The answer clearly is YES - if done correctly, any opportunity to communicate with your clients makes it more likely they will buy from you. To illustrate the point, this is what I heard from the McDonald's exec - let's call him Brian:

There's a little bike shop that Brian knows. This bike shop was going out of business - online sales were killing it. Potential customers would come in and ask about a bike. After an extensive discussion about the pros and cons, the customer would leave after saying, "I'll think about it" and then buy the bike (or the parts needed to put it together) online - saving sometimes $5-7,000. As vets, it's a story we've heard before.

Brian decided to help the bike shop owner. After having a look at the business, he realised there was a big opportunity to embrace the existing client base - rather than chase the tyre kickers. They got the database in order, set up an email newsletter and Facebook page. Using these two media, they began letting clients know what was going on - what's new, what happened on the weekend ride to the hills, who's doing what and....what services they offered.

Surprise surprise, sales started to pick up. Average client transactions are going up, new services are being delivered and clients are coming back more often.

Facebook has played an important role in improving communication with the bike shop clients.

Facebook can help you too - if you'd like to learn more, join me for our webinar this Thursday 20th March - for details and registration click here.

Have a great week talking to clients and hope to see you Thursday.

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