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Happy New Year. This month we're looking at your competition - is it really your colleagues down the road?

A key part of the "King of your community" topic I first presented at AVBA in September 13 and then in the webinar in December, is how you're perceived by the general public and your clients.

In research done for our new app, we've looked at the pet owner relationship to vets. The results are startling. Rather than seeing the vet as integral, pet owners see the clinic as "away in the distance, not up close and engaged". They see the vet as difficult to find, difficult to get to, a place you go to only for infrequent tasks like vaccination or in an emergency, and finally, a place that you can't just call up and ask for advice.

The flip side to this is that a lot of money and time is spent by pet owners in places other than the vet - very often for services or products that would be better delivered by a vet.

For example, Julie (not her real name) did not follow her vet's recommendation on food. Julie is a new pet owner with a beautiful mini Schnauzer. When she bought the dog, the breeder recommended a brand. At a puppy vaccination, the vet recommended a different food. Julie ended up going to a local Petstock store and taking their advice - taking on a third brand.

Asked why she chose to take the Petstock advice she said "it was easier to get to Petstock than the vet".

And she's continued to use this food. This is a good case of "Convenience beats Expert". We see this happening often in our industry.

There are other examples like this where pet owners are either buying a service elsewhere or are not addressing the issue (eg dental).

It all adds up to a lot of spend and activity that is not going to the vet - in fact is not going to any vet.

What can you do about it? ´╗┐There are many factors that contribute to this isolation. Let's look at the areas where clinic can make the biggest improvement easily.

To start with you need to be found online. Before you do anything, this needs to be fixed. If a pet owner can't find you - that's the end of the story - you won't get that phone call and they'll go somewhere else.

While most clinics in Australia are hard to find online - most vets are unaware of this or think they are easy to find.

Next week I'll show you how to search for yourself as if you were a pet owner - you'll be astounded at the results.

For now, have a good week and send me any questions you have to

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