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The PetPack Facebook service provides you with informative, eye-catching social media posts to engage and educate your audience within an approachable online setting.

  • Build your audience
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  • Connect with your community
  • Improve animal health outcomes

To demonstrate the power of our Facebook service, we are offering a free two-month, full-featured trial.

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We’ll talk you through providing us with access to your Facebook page, so that we can post content on your behalf. Three weeks prior to the content being posted to your page, we will send you a summary of your eight social posts for the month. You may request changes for any content that isn’t relevant to your practice. Once we’re all set up, we will pre-schedule your content, so that all you need to do is sit back and watch your clients interact with your business online.


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A Vital Engagement Tool

PetPack Free Facebook Trial - Engaging, Vet Written Content

Engaging, Vet-Written Content

Accurate and engaging animal care posts created by our expert veterinary writers.
PetPack Free Facebook Trial - Saving You Time

Saving You Time

We’ll post our content directly to your social media channels, so you don’t have to.
PetPack Free Facebook Trial - High Quality Imagery

High-Quality Imagery

All posts include stylish graphics which are both visually-engaging and informative.
PetPack Free Facebook Trial - Improving Animal Health

Improving Animal Health

Empowering your clients to be the best animal owners possible every day of the year.

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