As the veterinary profession grapples with issues around a shortage of veterinarians, and concerns about over-working, burnout and mental health, a new not-for-profit organisation Sustainable Veterinary Careers (SVC) is aiming to bring together innovative solutions and disseminate them to the entire Australian veterinary industry using a novel wholesaler-backed funding model. 

“Amidst the litany of negativity currently echoing down the corridors and reverberating off the collective consciousness of our profession, there are those who are ready and willing to reply with innovative solutions – those who see opportunities where others see a crisis, and they are growing in number. By amplifying awareness and capabilities across individual, workplace and public-facing domains, SVC focusses on very practically empowering individuals, their teams and organisations to flourish,” says SVC team lead, Dr Kate Clarke. 

Working synergistically alongside professional peak bodies, regulators and educators, SVC aims to independently collate the best evidence-based resources to spark an industry-wide cultural shift, delivering stronger mental health and retention of veterinary professionals long into our future. Read more