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Contents of this newsletter

01  Introducing FELISCRATCH by Feliway

02  Leroy's emergency surgery

03  Meet the team - Dr. Vicky

04  Meet the team - Nurse Casey

05  Meet the team - Dr. Jesse

06  Meet the team - Nurse Mel

07  A new way to trim your dog's nails?

08  Top tips for nail trimming at home

09  Is your pet is overweight?

01 Introducing FELISCRATCH by Feliway


Is your cat scratching your sofa!?

Does your cat scratch your sofa instead of the scratching post? If so, you’re not alone 50% - 70% of cat owners face this problem. Scratch marking is a natural behaviour in cats, mainly to mark their territory and keep their nails trim, however it can become an issue when they scratch in undesirable locations in your home.

 Help is at hand with NEW FELISCRATCH by FELIWAY® which has been proven to redirect cat scratching onto your desired location. 

 NEW FELISCRATCH by FELIWAY® is a unique formula containing three key ingredients to help redirect cat scratching:

-       Blue colouring to mimic the visual message of the scratching

-       Catnip to attract your cat to the scratching post

-       A synthetic copy of the pheromone message that directs scratching on the surface where the product has          been applied

Speak to our friendly staff for more information!


02 Leroy's emergency surgery

Last month our very own Leroy had been feeling a bit unwell, restless and not keeping his dinner down. Unlike Leroy to be off his dinner, Dr Tom ordered some emergency blood tests and x-rays.

The results were unclear, but Leroy continued to vomit resulting in emergency surgery.

During surgery, Dr Tracy discovered that Leroy had been a very cheeky boy and had eaten thick, long strands of grass and leaves that clumped together forming a matted ball in his stomach!

With the wonderful work of Dr Tracy and Dr Vicky, Leroy’s surgery has been a great success and he is now resting up and receiving extra special attention from all the staff!

We love you Leroy, get well soon!

03 Meet the team - Dr. Vicky

Dr. Vicky -  Berwick Veterinary Hospital

Vicky joined the team at Berwick Veterinary Hospital as an inaugural graduate of the University of Melbourne’s Doctor of Veterinary Medicine masters degree; having also completed a Bachelor of Science with major studies in human pathology and immunology. Vicky has a particular interest in rabbit medicine, animal hospice care and dental surgery.

When not in the clinic, Vicky loves spending time with both her human and fur family. She lives with her husband Brett and son Vin, with their eclectic assortment of devon rex cats, poodles mixes, parrots and sheep. 


*** If you missed Dr. Vicky's segment with Cindy and Dazzz on 97.7FM then check it out here -

04 Meet the team - Nurse Casey

Nurse Casey - Berwick Veterinary Hospital 

Casey has been a veterinary nurse for over 10 years and became part of the team in June 2009. As a veterinary nurse her favourite roles include radiology and engaging with clients and their fur babies.

Her previous studies include a Bachelor of Science (majoring in zoology and genetics) and a Certificate IV in Customer Service and Frontline Business Management.

Her interests include wildlife conservation and ecology, snorkelling, roller skating and socialising with family and friends enjoying great food and drink.

Casey has two 2 rescue cats at home - Momo Takimoto and Yuki, and Evo the border collie cross.

Casey lives with her partner and fur babies and is expecting a new addition due in October 2018.

05 Meet the team - Dr. Jesse

Dr. Jesse - Narre Warren Veterinary Clinic

Jesse Joined Narre Warren Vet Clinic in 2017 after working at numerous Veterinary clinics in Britain, Canada and Australia.

He graduated in 2006 from the University of Guelph in Canada. Throughout his career he had been blessed with the opportunity to learn from numerous different vets and had found a passion in performing surgery and preventive medicine.

He previously studied biochemistry, IT, philosophy, aviation and mathematics, computer graphics, butchery, archery, cycling and played ice hockey. He enjoys yoga, photography, hiking and mostly being a father.

Jesse currently lives with three tiny humans and his amazing wife.  Together they care for, 6 baby fish, five baby frogs and 3 large cockroaches, which his son caught in the back yard.

06 Meet the team - Nurse Mel

Nurse Mel - Narre Warren Veterinary Clinic 

Mel joined the Narre Warren Vet Clinic in 2008. During this time she has completed her Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing and has taken on the role of senior nurse. Mel has many different pets from dogs to cats, birds and lizards, turtles, ducks and horses! Mel has a keen interest in surgical nursing and hand raising kittens. In her spare time Mel enjoys horse riding and spending time with family and friends.

07 A new way to trim your dog's nails?

We've found a video to catch your attention this month... but we don't necessarily recommend trying this at home!

Check out this ingenious way to trim a bulldog's nails. If you happen to be feeling confident enough to try trimming your pet's nails at home (in a more conventional way!) you should read on for our a top nail trimming tips (below.) 

The good news is, we are always here to help keep your pet's nails neat and tidy. Call us anytime to arrange a pedicure for your pet. 

08 Top tips for nail trimming at home

Six steps for nail trimming at home:

1. Be prepared - get all of your equipment ready first, including some of your pet's favourite treats!

2. It is easier to have your pet in a sitting or lying down position. Cat's might feel safer wrapped in a towel. 

3. Hold your pet's paw and apply gentle pressure to the base of the nail to help move the nail away from the pad (this is particularly helpful in cats.)

4. Trim the tip of the nail at the point where it curves around. It's always best to take less rather than too much. Avoid trimming the quick (nail bed) - this can be seen in a white nail (pink tissue) but not so easily in a black nail. Ask us to demonstrate where to trim your pet's nail's. If you do happen to cut too far and there is a bit of blood, don't worry, just use a cake of soap to 'plug' the nail and stop the bleeding!

5. Reward your pet after each nail is trimmed - food treats are great and create a positive experience for your pet.

6. Don't forget to trim the dew claws on the inside of each fore-leg (and in some pets, the hind-leg). These nails are easy to miss but are often the longest nails as they are not worn down as your pet walks.

Ask us for more information or for a demonstration. And never feel bad asking us to trim your pet's nails - we are always here to help!

09 Is your pet is overweight?

The best way to tell if you pet is overweight is to take a good look at them!

Here's how ...

+ Peer down on your pet from above.
+ An overweight pet will have lost definition of their waist
+ Instead of an hourglass figure they might look a bit rotund and may even resemble a coffee table!
+ You will also have a bit of trouble feeling their ribs when you run your hands over their sides
+ A very obese pet will have neck fat, a round tummy as well as fat deposits over the hips

You might think carrying a few extra kilos isn't a big deal, but unfortunately overweight pets are at an increased risk of arthritis, heart disease, respiratory disorders and diabetes. What is alarming is that most people aren’t even aware that their pet is a bit portly.

If you are worried about your pet's weight, we recommend that you drop-in for a weight check with us. We will assess and discuss with you your pet’s body condition and, if necessary, start a weight loss plan.

What to do if your pet is a bit portly ...

Getting your pet to lose weight is easier than you think! Exercise will help but it is absolutely crucial to feed your pet the correct diet and the right amount. Did you know that we have diets available that will actually increase your pet’s metabolic rate to help your pet lose weight? Just ask Lenno! He is able to maintain his svelte like figure on this diet and keeping him this way has never been easier.

We are always happy to help you out in this department and are the best people to ask for more information.

And finally, check out this dog's attempt at exercise on YouTube. Did you know that his yawn is actually a sign of anxiety (and he's not tired)? Maybe he's anxious about the thought of exercise?!