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Welcome to our cat-inspired monthly newsletter!

We have lots of cool information on cat health this month, including the celebration of World Cat Day on August 8th.  What has your cat got planned for this important day?

August is also National Pet Dental Month, so we have included some interesting articles on dental disease in pets, and how to know if your furbaby might be affected.  We also have a great number of discounts and promotions during Pet Dental Month!  Read on for more information.

As always, if you have any questions regarding our newsletter content, please call the clinic on 9841 5422, or email us on

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Contents of this newsletter

01  NEW Dental X-rays at Mira Mar Vets

02  Dental Month Promotion 2019

03  Mira Mar Vets and Albany Animal Welfare

04  Why cats need to see the vet

05  Three signs your pet may have dental disease

06  Anaesthesia free dentistry hurts

07  Keep your pet safe from these winter hazards

08  World Cat Day

01 NEW Dental X-rays at Mira Mar Vets
dental collage 3

Our new dental x-ray equipment, and some impressive x-rays of an amazing puppy mouth with a lot of retained puppy teeth!

We are thrilled and proud to announce that one of the new and exciting pieces of equipment to join Mira Mar Vets in 2019 is a specialised IM3 Dental x-ray generator and processor which allows us to take and assess dental x-rays.

It has been proven that many dental disease processes start under the gums, and it makes our decision making so much easier when we can accurately assess the health of the tooth roots and surrounding jaw bones.  

It means we only extract teeth that show evidence of disease, and it means we don't miss any tooth decay or disease processes by not being able to see the tooth roots.  As well as this, we are confindently able to prevent spread of disease and relieve oral pain.

We are the only vet clinic in Albany to be able to provide this service, so if your pet gets a dental treatment performed, you can have the peace of mind that they are getting not only a complete oral assessment, but also full-mouth dental x-rays as part of their procedure.  

02 Dental Month Promotion 2019
dogs with toothbrushes

Whether you walk on 2 legs or 4, good dental health is a really important part of staying fit and well.  Anyone who has had a sore tooth or inflamed gums would agree that it is not much fun!

National Pet Dental Health Month promotes both TREATMENT of problems, and PREVENTION of further disease.

As usual, Mira Mar Vets are offering FREE pet dental checks with a bundle of extras!

Every pet who has a FREE dental check at Mira Mar Vets in August will receive:

  • a FREE sample of Hill's t/d prescription dental food, plus ongoing discounts on the Hill's t/d food.
  • a $25 OFF voucher for any dental treatment valid for 3 months.
  • a $25 OFF voucher for any pre-anaesthetic blood testing valid for 3 months.

Every pet who has a dental treatment in August will receive:

  • a FREE small bag of Hill's t/d prescription dental food (valued at approx $45) plus ongoing discounts on the Hill's t/d food.
  • a FREE sample of Greenies dental chew appropriate for your pet (while stocks last).
  • a FREE finger brush to help with your dental home care.
  • up to $50 OFF pre-anaesthetic blood testing and the dental procedure itself using the discount vouchers listed above.

Please call the clinic on 9841 5422 to book in your pet's FREE dental check appointment, or to schedule their dental treatment procedure.  We are more than happy to answer any questions you might have about this offer or anything else over the phone.

03 Mira Mar Vets and Albany Animal Welfare

In celebration of all things cat in this newsletter, it is the perfect time to talk about the unique relationship that we have with the stray cats and kittens at Albany Animal Welfare.

Mira Mar Vets are proud to be the providers of the veterinary care for the cats and kittens that pass through this important organisation, providing health checks, vaccinations, flea and worming cover, testing for contagious diseases, and arranging de-sexing when they are ready for re-homing.

We also have a donation tin on our front counter to allow the public to support AAW in the care of all of the animals that they look after.

So if you are thinking of a new furry feline family member for your home, please contact Albany Animal Welfare via their Facebook Page or on 0431 919 584.  You never know, they might just have the purrfect match for you!

04 Why cats need to see the vet

Cats are special creatures. They are bold and brave, but they are also experts at hiding pain and keeping to themselves if they feel unwell. This is an innate way of helping them survive in the wild - if they appear weak or sick they are more susceptible to predators.

It is very common for a cat suffering from painful arthritis, insidious dental disease, or chronic kidney disease to just 'sleep a bit more' and maybe be 'a bit picky with their food' - things that are easy to miss in a busy household. Because of this, it is essential that you bring your cat in for regular health checks with us.

In a checkup, we look at things such as your cat’s weight (a small amount of weight loss can be very significant for a cat and can indicate an underlying disease). We examine their mouth for signs of dental disease and look for potentially painful teeth, listen to their heart to detect any abnormalities, and have a good feel of their abdomen for any lumps or obvious organ changes.

Blood and urine testing, as well as blood pressure checks, are also important for our feline friends. We can get a lot of information about the health of your cat from these diagnostic procedures.

So next time you think to yourself "oh, it's all a bit too hard to take the cat to the vet," take a moment to re-think. Preventative health care, and early detection of disease is the secret to a happy and healthy feline!

Call us to arrange a health check-up for your feline friend.  For those cats that don't like the cat box or the car, please be reminded that we can visit your cat in your home!  Home visits on Wednesday afternoons are a popular option for cat owners, are only $5 more than an in-clinic visit, and cat be arranged by calling the clinic on 9841 5422.

05 Three signs your pet may have dental disease

Dental disease is one of the most common conditions we see in veterinary practice. The problem is, it’s an insidious disease and pet owners often don’t even realise their pet has an issue until we point it out.

The earlier we detect dental disease, the better. In many cases, we can adjust your pet’s diet to encourage better chewing and even get you to brush your pet’s teeth to help slow the progression of the disease. Sometimes the disease is too far advanced and a dental procedure under an anaesthetic is the only option to treat the condition.

The sneaky nature of dental disease is another reason why regular (at least yearly) health checks with us are essential, as a lot can change in your pet’s mouth in a very short time. We also recommend that you regularly ‘flip your pet’s lip’ and look out for these three signs:

Bad breath: the build-up of tartar on the teeth, and subsequent inflammation of the gums (gingivitis) can cause "doggy breath". This isn't normal. If you notice an odour coming from your pet’s mouth you should arrange a checkup with us asap.

Yellowing of the teeth: this can be an indication of tartar build up or enamel changes. It can indicate your pet is not chewing well enough to clean their teeth, and can also be a sign of an underlying painful area in the mouth.

Red gums or bleeding around the teeth: inflammation and infection of the gums can be painful and really affect your pet’s quality of life.

If you think your pet may have a dental problem, or if it’s been a while since your pet’s last dental checkup please call us and arrange an appointment.

06 Anaesthesia free dentistry hurts

More and more we are hearing of people advertising ‘anaesthesia-free dentistry’ for pets and we would like to fill you in on why this is doing more harm than good to your beloved fur baby.

If your pet is suffering from dental disease, without an anaesthetic, it is impossible to diagnose and treat dental problems correctly - even in the mildest of cases.

Any dental procedure done without an anaesthetic can have a negative impact on your pet as it is likely to cause your pet unnecessary stress and pain.

The scariest thing is, anaesthesia-free dentistry can potentially mask serious underlying disease and lead to complications in the future. Removing only the calculus that is visible on the tooth (as done in anaesthesia-free dentistry) is purely cosmetic. This technique is ineffective because it does not fix the source of the problem or enable healing and reversal of the dental disease.

When we anaesthetise your pet for a dental procedure we are able to look for any hidden problems and potential sources of pain. Radiographs can be taken to detect any issues with the roots, and the teeth can be safely probed with special dental instruments - a critical part of a dental procedure. While your pet is asleep, we thoroughly clean their teeth including the area under the gums. It is essential to understand that this cannot be done correctly if your pet is awake.

If you have any questions about your pet's dental health just ask us - we are always here to help.

07 Keep your pet safe from these winter hazards

Winter is here, read our top tips to help keep your pet safe:

Know your pet's limits: Just like people, pets' tolerance to cold can vary based on their coat, fat stores, age and health. The very young and very old can really suffer in the colder weather. You need to offer your pet warm, protected and safe sleeping options. Ask us for advice to help determine what is suitable for your pet.

Coats and clothing: A coat might be helpful for pets that have been clipped, or are old and feel the cold, but most pet clothing is unnecessary and can impede an animal’s ability to regulate his own temperature. They can also cause skin problems due to overheating so never leave your pet unattended if they are wearing a coat. 

Frozen water: In some areas of Australia it gets so cold overnight that your pet’s water bowl may freeze over. Sometimes it doesn’t get a chance to melt during the day so your pet will have no access to water. We recommend that you check your pet’s water twice daily.

Rodenticide poisoning: Winter is a more common time for the use of rat and mouse bait so take extra care not to allow your pet access to this potentially deadly poison.

Check under the bonnet: Cats and other critters may seek out a warm spot under your car bonnet on a cold night, so it's a good idea to honk the horn or bang on the bonnet before you turn on your car engine just to be sure.

Anti-freeze: If you are heading to the snowfields and are using anti-freeze in your car, make sure it is out of your pet’s reach. Dogs especially like the initial taste of anti-freeze but it is highly poisonous.

Please contact us if you ever have any concerns about your pet, we are always here to give you advice.

08 World Cat Day

We love cats and there’s never been a better time to celebrate our feline friends than with World Cat Day on August 8th.

This day of feline appreciation was created by the International Fund for Animal Welfare in 2002 to help encourage cat owners to honour their feline friends. It aims to raise awareness on what is required to help care for cats and why they are extra special.

The organisers also hope that it alerts people to the number of homeless cats worldwide, and many animal shelters will encourage people to adopt cats on the day.

To celebrate World Cat Day, we have a delightful story about a feral-feline-turned-friend to share with you. Click here and get the tissues ready!

And if World Cat Day isn't enough, August 22nd every year is Take Your Cat To The Vet Day!  We're not sure that cats will appreciate this day quite as much as World Cat Day, but it does ensure they stay fit and healthy for years to come!