PetPack and Vetstoria technology partnership

PetPack and Vetstoria are excited to announce that we’re joining forces as technology partners!


We’ve been working in tandem for some time already to help vets provide the best possible online experience for their clients. With this technology partnership, we’ll be expanding our individual capabilities through joint promotions, enhanced analytics, and shared expertise.


This technology partnership will benefit PetPack and Vetstoria clients through enhanced integration between Vetstoria’s online booking system and PetPack’s online marketing services.


Working more closely together will provide our teams and veterinary clients with greater insight into how pet owners find and interact with online bookings. The enhanced analytics capability will mean the client journey can be tracked end-to-end: from an initial Google search right through to a confirmed booking.


The partnership will also benefit veterinary practices utilising PetPack online marketing campaigns. Connecting PetPack’s campaigns with Vetstoria’s campaign booking feature will provide vet practice promotions with a more effective call-to-action, and pet owners with a seamless method for claiming discounts or promotional tie-ins.


“We’re big fans of Vetstoria and the platform they have built. Their focus on the pet owner experience and in providing practices with tools that are built for the industry, but also flexible, is very much in line with our own business model. We’re thrilled to be working with them,” said Dr James Ramsden, PetPack Founder.


“PetPack has always been a pleasure to work with. Our paths have crossed many times because of mutual clients needing our services to join up. This partnership will see more practices in Australia combine digital marketing with online booking, which we know is a winning formula to grow business and save time,” said Dr Julien Renard, Vetstoria CEO.


This technology partnership represents the shared trust between our two organisations, and our joint goal to serve the veterinary industry and pet owners.