Smart collar tracks pet’s location, health metrics

Billed as the most advanced biometric dog collar ever built, Invoxia, a French-based company, has announced the Smart Dog Collar that will track a pet’s location and health metrics. Developed in collaboration with veterinary specialists, the collar can measure a dog’s heart rate and respiratory rate, utilising a series of radar sensors and artificial intelligence to take the readings. Those readings are then synced to a companion app, along with statistics about the dog’s daily activity such as walking, running, scratching, eating, drinking, barking and resting.


The smart collar can also track a dog’s location at all times using a combination of Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS and LTE. The smart collar utilises contextual intelligence to ensure that the product’s battery will last several weeks between recharges.


“Until now, data has been difficult to collect, so there are few studies that provide vital feedback on pet health from everyday activity or continuous monitoring. With the Smart Collar, the ability to collect at scale a large quantity of data over time will open up incredible doors for research on correlations between vital signs and dog illnesses. This is how we discover new biomarkers, treatments and medicines,” said Invoxia CEO Amélie Caudron. Full story: USA Today


Image: The Smart Dog Collar, source: Invoxia