Terms and conditions


Unless the subject or context otherwise requires,

  1. “Confidential Information” means, in the Terms & Conditions and, in relation to a Party, all trade secrets, ideas, concepts, know how, knowledge, email addresses and any other information whether in writing or otherwise, relating to that Party, which are disclosed to the other Party by that Party or otherwise obtained by the other Party, but excluding any information which is or becomes generally and readily available in the public domain other than as a result of a breach of this Agreement;
  2. “Initial Fee” means the set up fee described in the Purchase Order payable to PET PACK when the Purchase Order is signed;
  3. “Intellectual Property Rights” means all present and future copyright, registered and unregistered trade marks, designs and patents, and all other rights resulting from intellectual activity in the electronic, industrial, scientific, literary or artistic fields;
  4. “Monthly Fee” means the monthly fee for the PET PACK Communication Service, payable to PET PACK on the same day that the PET PACK Newsletter is sent to the Vet’s clients each month, and entitling the Vet to one PET PACK Newsletter per calendar month to an unlimited number of the Vet’s clients, unlimited reminders and the management of the website, if ordered. The Monthly fee may be varied by PET PACK upon 30 days notice;
  5. “Party” means PET PACK and/or the Vet as the context dictates.
  6. “PET PACK” includes PET PACK’s successors and permitted assigns;
  7. “PET PACK Communication Tools” means the HTML newsletters, reminders and websites prepared by PET PACK and branded with the Vet’s brand;
  8. “PET PACK Communication Service” means the monthly PET PACK Newsletter and email reminders sent by PET PACK to the Vet’s clients whom have provided the Vet with their email address and the websites managed by PET PACK;
  9. “PET PACK Software” means the PET PACK e-mail software and any other software used in the provision of the PET PACK Communication Service;
  10. “Purchase Order” means the signed order by the Vet to purchase the PET PACK Communication Service;
  11. “The Vet” includes the Vets’ successors and permitted assigns.
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