The benefits of getting professional help with your practice’s marketing

With veterinary practices busier than ever and staffing resources stretched thin, keeping on top of all aspects of your business can be incredibly challenging. Often this results in a practice’s marketing activities becoming deferred or, in extreme cases, outright abandoned.


But it needn’t come to this when you can easily get professional help with your marketing and communications. Getting help ensures your continued success in this important area of veterinary business, while also freeing up your team to get on with what they do best – looking after the health and wellbeing of our animals.


Why it’s important to maintain your marketing


Marketing for veterinary practices is all about client engagement outside the consultation room. As a mix of owner education and relationship building, effective client engagement is the key to keeping the pets in your community healthy – not just when they’re brought in to see you – but every day.


“Your obligation to your patients shouldn’t end at the door. Pet owners need to be armed with all of the necessary knowledge to look after their pet on a daily basis, not just when there is a problem,” said PetPack founder, Dr James Ramsden.


“That is obviously far too much information to cover within a consultation, which is why regular touchpoints with clients via email and social media are so important.”


Marketing is also indispensable for keeping your clients in the loop, allowing you to shape your client’s expectations before they even arrive – shifting ‘what do you mean you’re closed on Sundays!’ to ‘oh that’s right, you’re closed on Sundays now.’ This minimises client frustration and confusion, while also reducing unnecessary stress and work for your team.


But it’s not all about education and announcements, effective marketing is essential to establishing the closer connections with your clients which are the key to your continued business success. Veterinary businesses that routinely send out high-quality marketing communications are more likely to have a loyal client base, who regularly visit their practice and recommend it to their friends and family. This not only extends the lifetime value of clients but helps to protect against competitor loss and drive business growth.


Why you should get help


Let’s be honest, even before the global pandemic and ensuring workforce shortage, marketing probably wasn’t top of your list. If it comes to posting a picture of a puppy on Facebook or saving its life, you’re going to choose the latter, as you absolutely should. But as you have already read, marketing still needs to be a priority for your practice, even if it is not the first, second or third priority in your day. That’s where PetPack comes in.


“You’d be crazy to try to do online marketing yourself. You can’t keep up with both running a practice and online marketing. If you tried to do both, you wouldn’t be doing either well. Having PetPack handle our marketing is a lifesaver. They do such an expert job and it means I have one less thing to worry about,” said Dr Andrea Tims, owner of Malvern Veterinary Hospital in Victoria.


For more information on what PetPack can do for your business, explore our website.