Tips for streamlining vet practice workflow

After experiencing low morale and a feeling of chaos in her veterinary practice, United States veterinarian Dr Patty Khuly has shared advice on how her practice made structural changes to help staff regain control of their day. As reported in Veterinary Practice News, Dr Khuly outlined her six steps for streamlining veterinary practice workflow.


“If you work in retail veterinary medicine of any type, you are no doubt familiar with feeling overwhelmed by chaos. Whether we are talking about clients and co-workers, or managers and employees, the sum total of any one day’s various duties and interactions can leave us feeling whiplashed and whipsawed. As if managing our patients’ diverse medical needs was not challenging enough, the nature of veterinary work also compels each team member to perform a wide variety of overlapping tasks. The result is a schedule of various duties that can feel unstructured, even chaotic,” said Dr Patty Khuly.  Read more