How PetPack Helped Dr Andrea Tims Grow Malvern Vet Hospital

Australian veterinary clinics continue to revolutionise their service delivery, transitioning into the digital age with online marketing. One such venture that has ridden this wave to remarkable success is Dr Andrea’s Malvern Vet Hospital, which has seen its client base grow significantly after introducing the comprehensive suite of digital marketing services provided by PetPack.


Andrea, like many in her field, was initially handling her own online marketing but found herself grappling with the increasingly complex world of digital marketing. Recognising the need for professional assistance, she partnered with PetPack.


“PetPack tweaks our [Google] AdWords campaign on a monthly basis – maximising conversions and minimising costs. Their ability to adjust our campaign in response to the needs of our business, for instance, modifying cattery campaigns to suit school holidays and grooming campaigns to match demand and supply capacity, has been invaluable,” shared Andrea.


PetPack’s marketing campaigns, tailor-made to meet Andrea’s unique business objectives, have significantly bolstered her bottom line.


“We have been running dental month campaigns for years. But, since engaging PetPack, we’ve roughly doubled our bookings. We also ran a ‘Lumps and Bumps’ campaign that generated around $10,000. Their expertise helped maintain our food sales during the COVID pandemic by promoting our home delivery service,” Andrea revealed. These impressive figures underscore PetPack’s adeptness at creating and executing bespoke marketing campaigns that resonate with customers and drive tangible results.


PetPack’s profound impact was most palpable when Andrea acquired Malvern Central. Andrea was hoping to retain 80% of the clientele, but the results exceeded her expectations. “The month Malvern Central joined us, we expected our workload to increase by 30%, but we grew by 60% instead. This spike was largely due to the interest generated by PetPack’s marketing efforts. We even received compliments from Malvern Central clients on how well we had communicated the transition,” Andrea explained.


Her praise for the PetPack team was effusive. “I can’t recommend them more highly. They are a group of true professionals. They not only handle our social media campaigns expertly but also are always ready to assist with website updates. They are amazingly creative with promotional campaigns, and they are whizzes with [Google] AdWords campaigns. They call monthly to analyse and adjust our campaigns based on our evolving needs,” Andrea shared.


Andrea’s story demonstrates the pivotal role PetPack plays in empowering veterinary clinics to navigate the digital landscape. The expert handling of all aspects of online marketing, from ad campaigns to social media management, enables veterinarians like Andrea to focus on their core mission – providing quality healthcare for pets, while the PetPack team amplifies their reach and growth.


As we navigate an economic downturn, it’s more important than ever to utilise savvy marketing initiatives that boost bookings and capitalise on untapped opportunities. The digital marketing landscape is rapidly evolving, often making it a daunting terrain for clinic owners to traverse solo. Dr Andrea’s flourishing veterinary clinic serves as a resounding testament to the immense value derived from entrusting your online marketing to experts like PetPack. Armed with their expertise, businesses can not only withstand challenging economic conditions but thrive amidst them, reaching new heights of success.


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