PetPack helps mobile vet service expand their reach

Mobile veterinary services offer pet owners the opportunity for in-home care for their pets, and Melbourne-based Cosy Paws Vet Care is expanding the reach of its high-quality home visit service through the use of Google Ads guided by the team at PetPack.


With almost 15 years of veterinary career experience, Dr Noriel Williams had found a love for mobile veterinary services through one of her previous roles, and when that business ceased trading, she wanted to continue this work and decided to start out on her own – setting up Cosy Paws Vet Care to provide gold standard veterinary care in the convenience of client’s own homes.


“We strive to make our visits as stress-free for the patient as possible, and we live and breathe our motto: More cuddles, less struggles! Our vets are very well equipped with all the materials needed to provide a great mobile veterinary service. We offer an extensive range of services from consultations to pathology and initial diagnostics, as well as a full pharmacy,” explained Noriel. 


“We service a range of clients from individuals who work from home, all the way to the elderly or disabled who find it difficult to take their pets into the veterinary clinic. However, the majority of our clients just love the convenience of a vet coming to them.”  


Wanting to grow the business, one of the biggest challenges for Noriel and her team has been with attracting new clients. PetPack has worked with Cosy Paws Vet Care to amplify the reach of their mobile veterinary service through online engagement.


“Client acquisition has been our number one challenge. As a mobile vet start-up, it is difficult to get your name out there. Although it is a growing market, it is already incredibly competitive. We are competing with both the large companies with oodles of cash to throw at advertising, as well as an increasing number of solo mobile vet operators starting up,” said Noriel. 


“Thankfully, this is offset by an increase in demand from consumers who want or need the convenience of a home vet visit. We have noticed that some areas of Melbourne are more difficult to get traction in than others, particularly where there are established clinics and mobile vets operating in the area. We tried a number of different strategies to aid our new client acquisition, but PetPack has by far been the most effective.”  


Noriel and her team had previously experimented with using Google Ads, but had been disappointed with the impact, so turned to PetPack and their veterinary marketing experts for help.


“Our initial Google Ads trial was one generic ad that covered our whole serviced postcodes. The results were poor, and it was costing us a lot of money! We weren’t growing as fast as planned and realised we were in over our heads with Google Ads and Google My Business. We initially thought we would get PetPack to set us up and then we would take over managing the ads and business listing again. But once we started working with PetPack we realised how much value we were getting from them, both in terms of new client acquisition and time saved by outsourcing the work,” shared Noriel.  


“It has been a positive experience, and we’re very happy. As soon as our ads went live, we noticed an immediate uptick in the number of phone calls and online bookings. The continued ad campaign checks and updates are also key to continuing to achieve great results. The team at PetPack are professional, knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with.”


As a mobile veterinary service without a ‘bricks and mortar’ clinic, businesses like Cosy Paws Vet Care aren’t able to rely on signage and other traditional means of attracting new customers. This is where the potential of online advertising and the use of Google Ads can really make a difference in business growth. 


“Currently Google Ads and Google My Business are our most important tools for reaching new clients. Our target this year is to have 100% coverage across all of Melbourne and surrounding suburbs and increase the number of vets on the road,” explained Noriel.


“I had my doubts when we first signed up, but we are extremely impressed with the results. We expect this to be a long-term partnership with PetPack. We created Cosy Paws Vet Care to help steer the industry in a new direction as I see so many vets leaving the profession after getting burnt out in clinical practice. Not only do we want to help animals, but we’re also very keen on helping vets – as we believe Cosy Paws Vet Care can make a huge difference in the space by providing veterinary services that will help reduce the stress of a busy clinic and give vets the true work-life balance they deserve.”