AVA calls for pet insurance tax rebate

The Australian Veterinary Association (AVA) has called for a federal government tax rebate for pet insurance. The AVA’s President, Dr Warwick Vale, was interviewed by 6PR radio in Perth and told program host Gareth Parker that the whole community benefits from pet ownership and that the government should step in to assist.


“We’d like the community, and the government in particular, to look at the provision of veterinary services in a different way. We believe that pet ownership delivers a massive benefit to the community, both in terms of health and wellness, and that that benefit the community gets needs to be supported and recognised.”


“And unfortunately, there are some people that haven’t got a safety net, and their pets don’t have that safety net, and we’d like to encourage the community and government to look at all the means it can to provide that safety net,” said Dr Vale. Read more