Vet calls for establishment of ‘no-go’ zones to help contain COVID-19

Veterinarian and former president of the Australian Veterinary Association Dr Matt Makin has spoken on ABC Radio National advocating for the establishment of ‘no-go’ zones based on local government areas and other geographical boundaries to help contain COVID-19.

Dr Makin highlighted that the current lockdowns are being enforced on regions with no infections and that lessons from past animal disease outbreaks can help inform what should be done to deal with the pandemic, urging the government to learn from Australia’s veterinarians in considering strategies to contain COVID-19. Listen to the radio report here.

In a separate report on ABC Online, spare a thought for residents of Lindsay Point in far north-west Victoria, who as a result of a 170-year-old border anomaly where the borders of South Australia, Victoria and New South Wales meet, the tiny outback community has been left in limbo amid the renewed COVID-19 restrictions. Read more>

Matt Makin
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Swift Parrot sways off course

A critically endangered Swift Parrot has diverted far from its normal migratory path, after being found exhausted and underweight on Lord Howe Island, which lies almost 600km east of Port Macquarie in NSW.

Swift Parrots breed in Tasmania before migrating to the Australian mainland in autumn and winter, normally dispersing from central Victoria to southern Queensland. The bird was carefully captured on the island before being flown back to the mainland for rehabilitation at Taronga Zoo. After several weeks the bird was successfully released into an area where other members of the species were present. Read more >

The Swift Parrot